What’s On at the Bisley WI Village Hall

Here’s a round-up of various events, classes and meetings that take place at the Bisley WI Village Hall.  All of them are open to the public, although some may charge an entrance fee.  Check with the organiser for more details and keep an eye on our Bookings Calendar which will give you the latest information on last-minute cancellations or date changes.


Bisley gardens were open on Sunday 4th June, with teas available at Cricketty Mill and in the Village Hall.  Early indications are that the event raised over £1000 for Village Hall funds.  Thank you to everyone who opened their superlatively tended gardens, but also to all the other volunteers who baked cakes, sold tickets, served teas and washed up.  We really do appreciate you.

But an even bigger ‘Thank You’ goes to all of you who came and enjoyed a wonderful sunny afternoon in the glorious gardens of Bisley!  See you next year, we hope.


Every Wednesday during term time between 9.30 and 11.30 am.  A great opportunity for children to make new friends and have fun (and the same goes for parents and carers!).  Cost: £2.50 per session per child (or £3 per family) – includes healthy snacks and drinks (plus hot drinks and biscuits for grown-ups). More info: bisleybusybees@gmail.com or track the group down on Facebook.


  • Improve balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Deep relaxation and stress reduction
  • Improvement in core and overall strength
  • Less pain and stiffness – proved to aid chronic pain
  • Massive improvements in mobility and in turn anti-ageing

Classes run Thursday and Saturday 9.30am

Call 07796 265578 or email vicky@joiyoga.co.uk to book your free taster session

A picture of Kate Bridgeman, who runs the Sweaty Mamas class on Fridays

Meet Kate Bridgeman, who runs the very popular Sweaty Mama and Sweaty Gym classes on Friday mornings.  Kate specialises in pre- and post-natal fitness training.  She believes passionately in helping women of all fitness levels to enjoy fun and effective workouts in a relaxed and safe environment.  She won the 2022 Red Kite Days Gloucestershire Award in the Ante/Post Natal category.  Her Sweaty Mama class is at 9.30am on Fridays; the Sweaty Gym class follows on at 10.30am.  You can read more about Sweaty Mama and Sweaty Gym here or contact Kate directly on katebridgeman@sweatymama.com.

Fridays at 9.30 am.  A fab, fun workout with your child. Enjoy exercise while you bond with your baby, toddler or pre-schooler. Sweaty Mama has music and movements you will both love.  Contact: katebridgeman@sweatymama.com.

Fridays at 10.30 am. A fun, varied and effective 30 minute session for all women!  Contact: katebridgeman@sweatymama.com.


Wednesday 7 June at 7.30pm.  Parish Council meeting.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.  The agenda for each meeting includes time for them to ask questions and make comments.  Once this period is completed then the public may observe the remainder of the meeting but may not participate.  More info:  admin@bisley-with-lypiatt.gov.uk

Thursday 8 June at 7.30 pm:  Wendy Stafford – “The Art Pad Glass Garden (Stained and Fused Glass)”.   Visitors welcome – admission: £3.  

More info:  janejoneswi@btinternet.com

Thursday 13 July at 7.30 pm:  Jackie Loring – “Reincarnation of the Kimono”.   Visitors welcome – admission: £3.  

More info:  janejoneswi@btinternet.com

The Bisley Local History Group

“Unusual Cures and Blood Galore! Tudor and Stuart Medicine”  Kirstie Bingham of the John Moore Museum will describe the kind of medical treatment, its composition, what it was supposed to cure and its effects on our ancestors – most of it pretty unpleasant and probably sometimes fatal.

Kirstie is a brilliant speaker so don’t miss this!  Thursday 27 April at 7.30 pm.  Admission:  Members £2, Visitors £3. 

For more info contact Ian Edmunds 01452 770450