How to Book the Bisley WI Village Hall

If you’ve never booked with us before:

You’ll want to check out whether the Hall is suitable for what you have in mind.  The following links might help:

Find the Hall – a map showing where the Hall is

Facilities – an overview of the layout and size of the Hall, plus a list of the equipment and services available

Hire Charges – what we charge for the use of the Hall

Hire Agreement (downloads to your computer) – if you make a booking with us, you’ll be asked to confirm that you have read this and agree to it

If you’re ready to make the booking:

Check the Bookings Calendar to see whether the Hall is available for the date(s) and times you want.

Then fill in the online Booking Request form.  Unless the form tells you otherwise, you need to write something in each of the boxes.  To avoid any possible confusion, we ask you to write all dates in the format “dd mmm yy” (eg 19 Nov 23) and to use the 24-hour clock for times (this helps us to tell the difference between a morning and evening booking).  Apart from this, there are no set rules about what you can put in a box.  You can write whatever you need to, because what you write will be read by a real person.  For example, in the “Date(s) of Hire” box you could write “19 Nov 23”, “19 and 20 Nov 23”, “Third Wednesday of every month except December and August”, or even “see list of dates sent by email”.  There are also some self-explanatory boxes to tick, and right at the end you are asked to tick a box confirming that:

  • The details you have given about the proposed hire are correct;
  • You will be responsible for the safe and considerate conduct of the event;
  • You are over 21 (or over 30 in the case of a teenage party);
  • You have read the Hire Agreement and will comply with it;
  • You understand that if you do not pay the Hire fees (including any deposit or sale of alcohol fee) in full before the booking starts then your booking will be cancelled.

What happens next:

Sending in a Booking Request does NOT automatically mean that you have booked the Hall!  A member of the Bookings Team will check the details of your Booking Request.  If there are any queries they will contact you by email or phone.  Only if everything is in order will they add a provisional booking to the Online Bookings Calendar and send you an email giving you a Booking Number and confirming the total cost of the booking.  This amount must be paid in full no later than one month before the date of your booking.  (If booking less than one month in advance, the charges must be paid as soon as you receive the Booking email.)  If you do not pay in full before your booking starts, then your booking will automatically be cancelled.  Once you have paid, your booking is confirmed and you will be sent details of how to unlock the Hall.

Any questions?

If there is anything else you need to know, or if there is anything you would like to tell us, please use the Contact Us page.  If you’d like us to phone you, include your number in the message.